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Lily Lambert
From earning a law degree with honors to creating a radio hit single, Lily Lambert defies easy classification as an artist, and that undefinable quality is winning over global audiences.

Lily Lambert is a part-Irish, part-Welsh songstress born in England, so she definitely approaches pop music with a breadth of musical history in her blood. Like other non-conformists such as Bjork and Enya, Lily puts her own indelible stamp of originality on her music. What fans might not realize is that Lily’s songs are spiritually informed. Her observation on the modern world is ‘that it is much harsher than it used to be, so the new songs are a reflection of our culture and living your life the best you can.’ If that sentiment seems deeper than the average pop star thinking, you're not alone. The fact is, there's a lot more to this beautiful and talented singer-songwriter than initially meets the eye. Lily graduated Law School with Honors and followed her heart to New York City where, instead of pursuing tenure at a high-powered law firm, she chose to pursue her dream of music. While performing in myriad New York musicals and off-Broadway productions, Lily penned her own music backstage in rehearsals and in audition waiting rooms. Now, following the stunning success of her debut radio single 'Miss You', Lily has released her second album 'So Far', departing from the piano pop of her debut album to pursue a fuller sound. And the listeners are loving it. Amidst a hectic schedule, Lily still finds time to share her love of music through teaching children and performing seasonal concerts for charity with The Young Actors Christmas Charity Outreach. With her English roots never far behind, Lily's unique musical perspective may prove to be just what the singer-songwriter scene have been missing. Recently, reporter Brandon Scott caught up with Lily to learn more about this extraordinary artist and and her plans in the coming months.

BRANDON: When When did you first discover your love of music?
LILY: I’ve always played music. I started playing piano when I was very young and I learned to read music before I could even read. Music has always been present and a big part of my life.

BRANDON: Your song ‘Miss You’ is receiving a positive listener response on radio. What was your initial reaction when you first heard your song playing on radio?
LILY: It’s a thrilling moment for any artist to hear one of your songs on the radio. But for me, there’s also a bit of relief, a slight feeling of ‘good, people like it’!

BRANDON: What was the inspiration behind your debut radio single?
LILY: Everyone’s lost somebody, whether it’s through death or a friendship that’s drifted apart or moving away to another place. It’s a natural part of life. I wanted to remind people that loss doesn’t give us notice, it can happen at any time, so we should cherish what we have now and really appreciate it.

BRANDON: Would you say that the mood of your other songs is in the same vein as ‘Miss You’?
LILY: ‘Miss You’ is very much a ballad and most of my songs aren’t. However my other songs do deal with similar themes, such as appreciation, love and a certain way to live your life. So in that respect, they are similar.

BRANDON: How would you characterize yourself as an artist?
LILY: I would say I’m down-to-earth and love to have fun with my music. But at the same time, I take the business side of the industry seriously. Being an independent musician is not just all fun and games, it’s a lot of hard work as well. So I guess I would characterize myself as well-rounded!

BRANDON: Did you come from a musical background? Are there other musicians in your family?
LILY: I came from a musical background in so far as I started at a very young age and was encouraged and allowed to pursue music as much as I wanted. Otherwise, one of my cousins is also a musician back in the UK, but that’s it.

BRANDON: What do you find most rewarding about being an artist? What do you find most challenging?
LILY: I find it so rewarding to hear everything coming together at the end of a recording session! To start from just me and my guitar and end up with a full song just the way I pictured it in my head is the best feeling. But it’s very challenging to keep finding opportunities and ways to get the music out there to fans. There’s a lot of research and leg work involved, a lot of knocking on doors (virtual ones these days!) and getting turned down can be very challenging.

BRANDON: Who are your role models in music?
LILY: I love older musicians like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Michael Jackson. I love how they used to build a persona of them as an artist and a whole brand that allowed them to have a very long-lasting career, and I think it’s very rare to find that these days.

BRANDON: Describe your best or most memorable performance.
LILY: I think it would be the launch show for my current album, ‘So Far’. I picked a very small, cozy venue to play at in New York and people walking past outside heard me playing and came in to listen. It’s always so great to reach new people and to know that they heard you and wanted to hear more.

BRANDON: Do you have a music video for your hit single? If so, what can you tell us about it?
LILY: Yes, there is a music video for ‘Miss You’. It tells the story of different families and different situations and they realize what they have and what they would miss if it was gone. Not in a financial way, too much of life is focused on that, but in relationships and the things that should bring joy.

BRANDON: I look forward to hearing your full album! Thank you taking time out to share your story with me. I wish you much continued success!


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